45 Select Topics for Your Engineering Research Paper

If you are a student in any engineering program, you are bound to encounter an engineering research paper in the course of your study. Unfortunately, many students are often poorly prepared for such papers, therefore, struggling to deliver quality papers. 

Topic selection takes the top spot among the various challenges students face when writing their essays. This article will highlight some engineering topics you ought to consider and highlight some crucial steps for writing the best engineering paper.  

What is an engineering paper? 

An engineering paper is an informative essay written to analyze developments in technology. These papers analyze an issue using the existing research as proof of the topic, therefore, criticizing or improving upon the existing research. 

These papers are great for students as they help them develop research skills and hone their critical thinking skills to investigate an issue and argue out their opinions based on the existing academic research. 

How to write an engineering research paper

The approach taken when writing an engineering research paper has a big impact on the quality of the finished product. We recommend that you follow the following guidelines for the best results: 

  • Choose a credible subject

Choose a topic for your essay that captures your interest and provides you with a wide range of references to support your arguments. Moreover, make sure your topic is focused on a single issue to avoid utilizing overly complex arguments that can be challenging to accommodate inside the word limit. 

  • Do a thorough research

After deciding on your topic and thesis statement, read a range of publications to determine the angles from which you might tackle your problem. When performing research, jot down the key points from each source so that you can utilize them to build an outline. 

  • Create a plan

Before you begin writing, we suggest you prepare a plan for the many points you intend to provide in your paper. Your outline will help you identify any inconsistencies in your arguments and steer clear of concepts that can divert attention from your primary claims. 

  • Write and revise

Compose the first draft of your paper, then edit it multiple times to make sure it complies with the standards established by your professor. If you have a tight deadline, you can consider hiring an editor to help you finish your paper on time without losing the quality of your writing. 

Engineering research paper topic ideas

Interesting engineering topics

  1. Human immortality via genetic engineering
  2. The concept of a motorized automatic wheelchair that can also be used as a bed
  3. The boundary between hardware and software in cloud computing
  4. Can biomedical implants be used to replace human organs?
  5. Why our computers of today will require more RAM
  6. Using genetic engineering to address human inadequacies
  7. Designing structures and buildings that can resist seismic waves

Mechanical engineering research topics

  1. How may the price of huge heat exchangers be reduced with a modern composite replacement?
  2. How does mechanical engineering affect the medical industry?
  3. How might new mechanical theories help businesses enhance their manufacturing processes?
  4. Examining how the characteristics of sporting shoes affect both running efficiency and injury
  5. Ceramic-coated pistons and liners for single-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engines have been developed and tested
  6. Investigation of mixing and combustion in scramjet engine combustion chambers through experimentation
  7. Fueling a C, I engine with hydrogen and biodiesel

Research topics in software engineering

  1. Software-defined networking and virtualization
  2. Math software for high school students with disabilities
  3. Software intellectual property rights and venture capitalist access
  4. Development of business software and its application
  5. The function of open-source database server software
  6. Software project management’s relation to ethics
  7. How computer software can be used as a teaching instrument
  8. Software tools for enhancing underground mine access layouts

Genetic engineering research paper topics

  1. The methods used to study DNA and RNA at the molecular level
  2. Describe how genetics plays a part in the fight against Alzheimer’s illness
  3. Talk about the ethics of developing human organs
  4. Should parents be able to purchase children that are genetically perfect?
  5. Should researchers be required to share the advantages and costs of their genetic engineering work?
  6. Thorough evaluation of George W. Bush’s cloning speech from 2001
  7. Eliminating sickle cell anemia through genetic modification

Controversial topics in engineering

  1. Will humans eventually be replaced by artificial intelligence?
  2. The application of nanotechnology to enhance elderly people’ mental and physical health
  3. What will people do if robots and computers take over jobs?
  4. Does technology have a negative impact on our social lives that is getting worse?
  5. Should government organizations look into a suspect using social media platforms?
  6. Are genetically modified foods superior to organic foods?
  7. Human immortality via genetic engineering
  8. Is disaster planning pointless in underdeveloped countries?

Software engineering research topics

  1. What are the advantages of data mining technology for businesses?
  2. Voting systems based on fingerprints—are they the future?
  3. Do chatbots have a detrimental effect on customer service?
  4. Are fingerprint-based cash dispensers secure to use?
  5. The significance of computerized devices in the healthcare industry
  6. A comparison of legacy storage models versus cloud storage
  7. Wearable technology’s contribution to better healthcare
  8. The impact of advanced technology on the environment

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