50 Good Case Study Topics for Your Papers

Writing a case study can prove a daunting task for the inexperienced student. Often, students may struggle with selecting a topic for their papers or skip a step in writing their papers, exposing themselves to various challenges in the latter writing stages. We can fix your problemes and challenges in mypaperdone.com

Read on for some tips on how to present a case study and share some interesting case studies to guide you in topic selection. 

What is a case study?

A case study is a thorough examination of a specific person, event, process, or phenomenon. These investigations describe, assess, and comprehend numerous facets of a study problem using a variety of research approaches. These essays are typical of the college level and frequently investigate the consequences of a phenomenon. 

How to write a case study

Your approach to writing the case study greatly dictates the quality of your paper and your writing experience. Some of the steps we suggest you follow when writing a case study include:

  • Select a case study

The initial step in writing your case study is to select a topic. Ideally, your topic should pique your interest and offer fresh insight into the phenomenon in the discussion. This will allow your paper to provide new solutions to a problem and give new directions for future research, enabling your tutor to gauge how well-versed you are with a topic. 

  • Build a theoretical framework

After selecting your topic, analyze various existing sources on the topic to highlight the gaps that warrant your analysis. This section will help the reader to understand the basis of your arguments and also serve as a transition into various arguments presented within your paper. 

  • Conduct extensive research

Next, search for secondary materials to support various claims within your paper. Avoid making unfounded claims as these can compromise the reception of your ideas, giving your paper a feel of an opinionated essay as opposed to an academic piece. 

  • Outline your arguments

Finally, prepare an outline of your arguments to adhere to your main line of arguments. The outline will also allow you to gauge the completeness of your paper, allowing you to clarify various arguments before you venture into writing your essay. 

Case study topics

Good case study topics

  1. Military actions and the process of getting over PTSD 
  2. The appropriate way to plant trees in urban areas
  3. Is education at a summer camp worthwhile? 
  4. The risks of commercials on kids’ television
  5. How can learning-disabled kids be inspired? 
  6. The disadvantages of using ineffective examination methods
  7. Is it feasible to save endangered species today? 
  8. Does marketing have a place for instant innovation? 

Interesting case study topics

  1. The causes behind TikTok’s popularity
  2. Hazards of online marketing
  3. Peculiarities of Japanese market research
  4. Steve Jobs’ approach to marketing
  5. The controversy around the Anti-Discrimination Act
  6. The ethical implications of free speech
  7. Should self-defense techniques be taught to nurses? 

AI case study topics

  1. What effects has deep learning had on the development of AI research? 
  2. How far has robotic AI come in the previous ten years? 
  3. What impact might AI have on how we use the internet? 
  4. How does machine learning differ from artificial intelligence? 
  5. How can artificial intelligence improve safety in our neighborhoods? 
  6. How well does predictive text perform in online searches? 
  7. Does AI produce more issues than it solves? 

Biology case study topics

  1. Abortion’s biological insights
  2. Does homosexuality have a genetic basis? 
  3. The impact of cloning on medicine
  4. Genetic mutations: contributing factors
  5. Bacterial DNA blockers and resistance mechanisms
  6. Human DNA modifications
  7. The role of hormones in depression

Case study topics in education

  1. The Montessori schools’ instructional strategies
  2. AI-based educational systems: Benefits and Disadvantages
  3. The adjustments made to instruction throughout COVID-19
  4. The development of cognitive skills through leisure activities
  5. Bullying’s consequences on academic performance and mental health
  6. Analyzing college students’ learning environments
  7. Advantages of parental participation in children’s cognitive development

Political case study topics

  1. Examine Kanye West’s bid for president
  2. Analyze President Trump’s response to a crisis
  3. The part played by America in rebuilding post-World War Two Europe
  4. How does poverty impact rural areas in the US?
  5. Socialism in Africa throughout the 1950s and 1960s
  6. The significance of Hispanic voting
  7. Talk about the place of gender in contemporary Africa

Sociology case study topics

  1. The issues caused by domestic abuse
  2. Does a degree from abroad guarantee a good career?
  3. Efficiency and leadership in the workplace
  4. Effects of excessive social media use
  5. Eating disorders and sexual abuse: a causal link?
  6. Examine the Darfur genocide
  7. Social media’s impact on youth

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